27 09 2014
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In the Spiegelkwartier you will find over 80 antique dealers and art galleries. Most of them are specialists and to make it easy for you, you can locate a specialist by category. When you are looking for a antique chest, you will find all the shops that sell antique furniture in our area. On the left you can make your choice.

Specialist at a glance

tailor made suit tailor made shirt handmade suit Penrose & Drakes Pantherella Albert Thurston Fox

NEW TAILOR has been the top end of Dutch gentlemen’s outfitting for the last sixteen years. We specialize in made to measure and bespoke suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and so on. Our full bespoke suits are made in the Amsterdam workshop downstairs.

The 8 suit (British half canvas, MTM) € 699,00
The 16 suit (British full canvas): starting at € 899,00
The 32 suit (Italian full canvas): starting at € 1.899,00
The 48 suit (Dutch full bespoke): starting at €2.999,00
Our NEW TAILOR shirts start at € 149,00.
We stock a fine selection of accessories such as ties by Penrose & Drakes, socks by Pantherella, suspenders by Albert Thurston and umbrellas by Fox. You will find them at shop.newtailor.nl as well. Of course we ship worldwide. 


 Spiegelgracht 30
1017 JR Amsterdam
tel:  0
20 330 08 38
email: web www.newtailor.nl
email; amsterdam@newtailor.nl
webshop shop.newtailor.nl